4 Striking Beaches Tourists Visit in Dubai


The hotter the weather, the great fun one can have at the beaches and Dubai sets ideal in this situation, so your decision of visiting this destination is worthwhile right in the initial stage of summer and while hunting different beaches, you not only get inspired of beautiful water but also the sand giving you the feel of stepping on the soft rug. Yes, you also find various eateries at the waterfront and both sunrise and sunset are perfect times to explore beaches.

Other than lying on a beach bed, you can also consider different water activities like surfing, knee Boarding and much more, so pack-up for a remarkable fun in your Dubai’s tour. For helping you precisely about finalizing the must-goes of beaches in Dubai.

This write-up shows some excellent options that you cannot avoid for a great water fun throughout your trip.

1- JBR Open Beach

It is the most prominent beach to visit and whenever you get there, you find a large number of people enjoying different water activities, the natural landscape turns it into the scenic place, so capture it through your camera and make your visit memorable. Additionally, it extends to the larger area of JBR with some parts designated for hotels and eateries, so you should visit this place and get a chance of touching the most beautiful water and sand. Honestly, you must be very careful when it comes to select the airline for your journey and the right approach is to go with the Emirates while using the Emirates deals.

2- La Mer

It is also the beautiful seashore spiced-up with the awesome promenade boosting-up your walking experience at the times of sunset as well as sunrise and honestly, the sand is very attractive and stays chill even under the scorching sun. Along with the watersports, you also enjoy the dining and shopping options and the families visit this water spot in a huge number during weekends. Furthermore, you also have the entertainment option in the shape of amazing cinema, so give it a try and diversity your experience of visiting beaches.

3- Umm Suqeim Beach

The fantastic view of this beach gets it into the list of ones being ideal for instagram stories, so you should visit it with enjoying every activity spanning from walking, dining, beach-lying to watersports and like other beaches, it also has the amazing sand and water lifting-up its popularity more in Dubai. Moreover, you also explore picnic areas, green lawn and playgrounds along with the option of reading a book that you can borrow from the nearby library to relax more on this beach.

4- Kite Beach

By its interesting name, you can easily understand that the major activity on this beach is kite-flying and with that, it is also ideal for kayaking, so do visit this flat beach with the lovely water. Furthermore, for different off-beach activities, you also find the skate park as well as various ice-cream spots, so add this option too into your list.

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