Common Features of Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy


Being an air traveller, you are already aware of how much struggle it can be if your name gets wrongly printed on the ticket. An inaccurate name on a flight ticket is a common problem that a lot of customers face while booking. Have you ever booked a seat with Turkish Airlines? If not, try this airline on your next trip because it has an amazing facility to overcome the incorrect ticket name that is the Airlines Name Change Policy. This policy is developed to add convenience to their customer’s life on the go.

With this policy, you can make ticket name changes quickly and conveniently.

This article lets you know about the common features of Airlines name correction policy. So, read it till the end to become an aware customer. 

Common Features of Airlines Name Change Policy 

Turkish Airlines name change policy says that all reservations must include an accurate first name, last name, and middle name. The names on the ticket and government-issued ID must be the same.

Here are the common features of this name change policy introduced by Turkish Airlines.

  • The policy lets you correct typing and spelling errors.
  • It does not allow the full name change.
  • Additionally, you can request for Turkish Airlines name change on the ticket after marriage or divorce.
  • You are permitted to make edits just for one time.
  • The cost of Turkish ticket name changes is $300. This is the fixed cost that you need to pay for name edits irrespective of the type of fare, service class, type of trip, etc. Additionally, you may need to pay applicable fare differences.
  • For free name changes, make sure you make the required corrections within 24 hours of booking the flight.
  • You cannot make changes to your name after check-in.
  • Name changes and corrections are only permitted up to 4 characters.

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