Fortune Park Vacation Membership is a smarter option for the financially savvy traveller


An increasing variety of families are a unit dynamic the manner they vacation and finding new enjoyment of vacation possession, particularly with the benefits it offers. Take Aarti and Rahul Bhalla, as an example, a typical urban family with high jobs and high expectations. “Fortune Park Vacation Membership has truly modified the manner we have a tendency to holiday”, says Rahul, a bank governor. Aarti, a freelance consultant, smiles. “Begin with, we have a tendency to truly take a family vacation each year. It’s easier currently – most of our holidays have already been purchased. All we’d like to try and do is opt for the destination”.
Fortune Park Vacation Holidays – The quick growing vacation option!

Fortune Park Vacation Membership appears to be a bespoke resolution for today’s time-poor, value-conscious shoppers. very little surprise that it’s gained a lot of momentum in recent years. The All Asian country Resort Development Association believes that timeshares and vacation owner ships are currently ‘perhaps the quickest growing segment’ of the travel business. With 15-18 % year-on-year growth, it’s clear that vacation possession resonates with the Indian client.
“It’s simple to check why”, Rahul explains. “Your cash works smarter and tougher. You get an opulent Fortune Park Vacation vacation at a fraction of the value. Imagine leisure at a number of the most effective resorts at a number of the most effective locations within the world, while not denting your pocket. the most effective half is, there’s one thing for everybody – youngsters, grandparents, and us”.

Fortune Park Vacation Membership – a lot of worth, a lot of benefits!

Rooms & Amenities in Fortune Park Vacation Resorts

A look at the Bhallas’ Fortune Park Vacation Membership clearly points at ‘affordable luxury at its best!’ The resorts cater to members of all age teams and this is often clearly evident within the physical style similarly as alternative amenities. The rooms are units larger than building rooms and spacious enough to accommodate a family of 4. A typical bedroom during a 4-or 5-star building would live 250 sq. feet upwards; whereas the bottom class area at a Fortune Park Vacation Resort starts from 350 sq. ft. upwards. There’s an additional alternative of studio flats, 1 Bedroom, and a pair of Bedrooms, which supply larger families or massive teams the convenience of living beneath an equivalent roof and bonding along. 3 generations of an equivalent family will simply live well. one among the most effective options of the living areas is that almost all of them embody a dry kitchen, that comes in handy particularly for families with infants, young kids and recent oldsters. With over two decades of operations in Asian countries and round the world, Fortune Park Vacation has its finger on the heartbeat of the preferences of the evolving Indian client.

“There is additionally the intercalary advantage of flexibility”, says Rahul. “Members will accumulate Fortune Park Vacation Membership nights for up to three years and arrange an extended domestic or international vacation of up to fourteen nights”.

For those of you World Health Organization area units new to the construct of vacation possession, what’s necessary to understand is that Fortune Park Vacation Holidays pays equal attention to the service standards as their resort location and amenities. In fact, the service would get on par with the standards of a star building. As an example, from the beginning to the top of your keep, you’re attended to by a zealous Host. Requests for specific necessities relating travel, food, looking and alternative interests are a unit taken and organized for even before your vacation.

Here area unit a number of alternative advantages of a Fortune Park Vacation Membership:

In-city Experiences: Fortune Park Vacation has partnered with Dream scapes, an internet site that curates distinctive and exciting experiences in line with age and interests. “I didn’t even understand that microlight flying and hot air flight were out there in India”, says AN excited Aarti. “We opt for the adventurous activities whereas Rahul’s elders selected to travel seafaring and totally darling the experience”. Dream scapes offers over four hundred attention-grabbing experiences and is accessible in fifteen cities as of currently.

Swati narrates her expertise at Fortune Park Vacation, “We actually had a memorable/ pleasurable time. whereas the morning yoga categories and spa sessions rejuvenated Maine, the children discovered new inventive skills and fairness with activities like glass painting and cricket. The food was delicious unfolding with a barbeque within the evening. however I’d say our most unforgettable experience was once we noticed a tiger on the safari”.

Stay in AN shack in Manali, fancy a forest picnic within the range of mountains, cycle round the quaint villages of state, lunch on a tree house in Binsar, Visit the Santa Village in Finland…these areas unite just a few of the distinctive Fortune Park Vacation experiences.

Would the Bhallas advocate this to others? “Anytime,” smiles Aarti. “We’ve already recovered the price of our Fortune Park Vacation Membership Fees in barely a number of years. Financially smarter, resorts in a number of the most effective places, with luxury for the adults and different activities for the kids? Is there another option?”

Such areas unit the experiences shared by the Happy Members of Fortune Park Vacation. The ideology of the Fortune Park Vacation philosophy is deeply non moving within the values, vision and mission of Fortune Park Vacation Holidays. By going on the far side of their core product to deliver distinctive and unforgettable experiences, they additionally deliver AN unique cordial reception expertise.

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