Manaslu Circuit Trek: Shortest Possible Itinerary


This short Manaslu Circuit Trek is gaining recognition as a choice trek to the Annapurna Circuit Trek. With a growing range of trekkers, a number of teahouses and motels are set up on the trekking path of the Manaslu Circuit.

The Manaslu Trekking Region is an extraordinarily lovely, confined trekking path in Nepal. It consists of the charming Tsum Valley and superb Larkya La Pass (5106 m) with native mountain cultures. Where you can discover the hidden tradition and splendor of the Manaslu region.

The Short Manaslu Circuit Trek is mainly created for hikers who are mentally and physically successful in finishing the excessive Himalayas trek during their quick vacation in Nepal. This choice is for in-shape trekkers. To be bodily and psychologically fit, you have to be organized for trekking for 6 to 7 hours each and every day on average. Manaslu Circuit Trek’s shortest viable itinerary makes MCT a difficult trek.

Manaslu, the eighth-highest mountain in the world, is generally considered less challenging than both Everest base camp Trek and K2. While it presents significant challenges and risks, the technical difficulty is often considered lower compared to the other two mountains.

Being a difficult trekking trip, the Short Manaslu Circuit Trek requires a respectable bodily health level. Thus, begin bodily preparation at least one month before the trek starts.
The convenient Manaslu Circuit Trek ought to be completed in sixteen to twenty days. Whereas the hard one—you can end in a week of log trekking as well.

Where is the best region to begin Manaslu Circuit trekking?

There are several trekking route choices in the Manaslu region. The Manaslu Circuit Trek start factor varies in accordance with the present process of street development. As of 2022 AD, Manaslu circuit trekking begins from Machhakhola, or Soti Khola. BudhiGandaki River Valley is what trekkers doing Manaslu will observe all the way to the base camp of Larkey Pass.

Before that, MCT used to generally commence at Arughat Bazaar and conclude in Besisahar at an elevation of seven hundred meters above sea level. Besisahar is the starting point of the well-known Annapurna Circuit Trek. APC is additionally a two- to three-week trek.

The Shortest Possible Itinerary for the Manaslu Circuit Trek is designed for hikers who are both mentally and physically prepared to tackle the high Himalayas within a short holiday in Nepal. This option is ideal for fit trekkers who can handle challenging terrain.

Here’s the itinerary for the Short Manaslu Circuit Trek:

Day 1: Depart from Kathmandu (KTM), travel to Machhakhola, and trek to Kholabesi.
Day 2: Trek to the entrance point of Jagat, which is within the restricted region.
Day 3: Continue trekking from Jagat to Deng.
Day 4: Start hiking from Drug to Namrung.
Day 5: Begin your trip from Namrung to SamaGaun.
Day 6: Trek from SamaGaun to Manaslu Base Camp.
Day 7: Trek to Samdo.

Please note that this is a challenging itinerary, and you’ll need to be physically and psychologically prepared for longer hours of walking each day. Regular physical training, including yoga, jogging, and outdoor activities, will help you build the necessary fitness level. 

The standard Manaslu Circuit Trek typically takes 16 to 20 days, but this shorter option condenses it into 11 days. If you’re up for the challenge, go ahead and embark on this unforgettable adventure in the Nepalese Himalayas!

 Remember, preparation is key, so start your physical training at least a month before the trek begins!
If you’re interested in other trips beyond the Manaslu circuit trek, Nepalgram Adventure can assist you in finding the perfect destination and activity for your Nepal adventure. 

What is the best itinerary for manaslu circuit trekking?

There are many sorts of itineraries, such as fast MCT, the shortest viable itinerary, handy Manaslu circuit trekking, etc. Also, you ought to locate an exclusive itinerary with extraordinary trekking corporations in Nepal or abroad.

Basically, two weeks’ time is best for a quality ride in Manaslu circuit trekking. However, it depends on your vacation period in Nepal, your wish to spend the range of days in Manaslu Circuit, and additionally, your excursion budget.

However, the everyday Manaslu Circuit Trek is average trekking. To enhance your bodily fitness, we propose that you commonly exercise yoga, go for walks in the morning, go trekking with a mild pack each and every weekend, go mountaineering often (with masks on is recommended), dance, and perform cardiac exercises, amongst other outside activities.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is more challenging  Than Langtang valley Trek  and requires a higher level of fitness. Second, consider the time you have available. The Manaslu Circuit Trek takes around 14-16 days to complete, while the Langtang Valley Trek can be completed in 8-10 days.

Major Highlights of the Manaslu Circuit Trekking

Mount Manaslu (8163m) is the world’s 8th tallest peak.

Larkya La Pass (5106 m): A challenging and beautiful pass

Two iconic touristic regions of Nepal (Manaslu and Annapurna)

Rivers, waterfalls, and suspension bridges

Diverse Vegetation (Temperate to Tundra)

Visit Nubri Monastery and Pungyen Monastery.

Monasteries, Chhortens, and Mane Walls, Birendra Lake

Multiethnic Villages (Brahmins, Chhetris, Dalits, Gurung, Sherpa, and Tibetans)

Local, diverse cultures along the trail

More than two dozen mountain vistas

Local Crew Members: A Complete Guide Cost

Customized itinerary and blog


Manaslu Circuit Trek is gaining reputation in recent years as a choice trek to Annapurna Circuit Trek. With a growing number of trekkers, many teahouses and inns are being built along the trekking path of Manaslu Circuit. As a result, Manaslu Circuit Trek became famous for discovering hidden nature, culture, and the Himalayas. Nepalgram Adventure recommends you do MCT sooner rather than later.

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