What is cruise tourism?


Who hasn’t dreamed of sailing in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or Patagonia? Traveling by boat is synonymous with adventure and freedom, with paradise beaches and the exploration of distant lands. But the cruise ship also suffers from many clichés, victims of the image of mass tourism. However, cruising does not necessarily mean low-end travel, long queues, crowds and group visits to ultra-touristy places.

What are the pros and cons of cruising? What type of cruise can you travel? Cruise in the Mediterranean, in the Caribbean or in the Arctic, what are the possible destinations? Thanks to our advice, keep all the cards in hand to choose your next cruise.

Why go on a cruise?

Cruising is a style of travel that satisfies everyone, as there are many companies. For those who like to sail, for those who like to dive, for those who seek adventure, for those who prefer to be guided, for those who dream of a luxury cruise, for those who want to meet people: there are for all tastes and all budgets. Every traveler has an ideal type of cruise. So how do you choose the cruise that’s right for you?

Multiple destinations in one trip

The first advantage of cruising is that it allows you to visit several destinations in a single trip, even several continents, over much longer distances than on land. When you travel to a country by plane, travel there is by car, train or bus, and is very limited. The alternative is domestic flights, but rarely more than one trip.

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In a short time, from 10 to 20 days, you will be able to visit several countries, therefore different cultures and their diversity of landscapes.

Most trips take place at night, so you don’t feel like you’re “wasting your time” on transportation.

Limit expenses

The other interest is the complete support of the stay, commonly called “all inclusive”. This is not necessarily synonymous with poor quality, the package has the merit of limiting expenses to the budget initially planned. In general, only alcoholic beverages are not included, as well as certain excursions or shore excursions. And then you have peace of mind, you don’t have to look for the perfect place to dine and sleep every night!

On the other hand, cruise ships also have certain disadvantages that can turn some people off.

Depending on your budget, your cabin may be very small and not have a window to the outside. You have to tell yourself that it’s just for sleeping and enjoying the common areas and the ocean.

Depending on the size of the vessel, a routine can quickly be established on board if you always do the same things at the same time. It is best to favor cruises with many stops if you are worried about the lockdown.

Depending on the airlines, the number of passengers can be very high. If you prefer tranquility, opt for small boats or luxury yachts.

Where to go on a cruise?

A priori, you can go anywhere, wherever the ocean or the sea is, right? That said, some parts of the world are more popular than others. Before choosing the airline, you must choose your cruise destination.

Caribbean cruise

The Caribbean has always been on the rise (yes, this one had to be placed!). It’s easy to understand: this warm, turquoise sea is full of fabulous places, with a rich and varied nature. Yachting is the most comfortable way to get from island to island. From the Antilles to the Bahamas, via Cuba, which we visited in 2018, the list is long! In addition, the Aqua Terra travel agency perfectly describes each of these little paradises that can be visited on a Caribbean cruise.

Mediterranean cruise

The Mediterranean, so close to us, also offers beautiful treasures to visit on its shores. Again, the cruise ship is very convenient to move easily from one place to another, always with your eyes on the sea. For example, you can take a cruise to the Greek islands, discover the Amalfi coast by Italy (which we traveled by car in 2017), along the coast of Croatia.

Asia cruise

Cruise destinations in Asia are very varied, from Indonesia to China to Thailand. And why not discover Japan aboard a cruise ship? During our trip, we mainly traveled through the interior of the country, but its extension invites us to return to explore the shores of its islands.

Cruise in France

We are lucky to have a large part of our country bordered by sea and ocean, so why not take advantage of it? The most common thing is to sail the Mediterranean, of course. You can choose a cruise from Marseille to Corsica, for example. In addition,

Which type of cruise suits you best?

We won’t tell you about the “classic” cruise, which sells like hot cakes. At a very affordable price, it contributes not only to air pollution, but also to mass tourism in some totally overwhelmed coastal cities, of which Venice is the symbol.

The expedition cruise

As far as we are concerned, a cruise in Patagonia or in the Far North are extreme journeys that make us dream. These symbols of the end of the world offer magnificent landscapes. Glaciers, wild animals, cold, pristine white aesthetics, nature in its purest form: enough to live ordinary adventures. But Cape Horn or Greenland are not classic destinations, they are deserved, so we are talking more about expeditions than cruises.

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