Requirements and guidelines on ST Kitts and Nevis citizenship


The ST Kitts and Nevis CBI program is the best investment option for people all over the world who want to live a quality lifestyle in the natural environment of these beautiful two Islands. The CBI program was initiated in 1984 and has got many attractions from business owners and families all over the world. Applicants must have to consider several investment options for making the successful CBI eligibility criteria. Investors who spend a specific amount in government the real estate sector are applicable to get the second nationality of the country

Application process

Applicants must have to follow several important steps to have successful citizenship by investment procedure.

The process starts with selecting the authorised agent. They need to engage with registered agents who help them throughout the application process and provide complete support where needed. These agents are always responsible for providing complete guidance to immigrants about the program and fulfilling all the necessary information on their behalf.

Immigrants must have to submit complete documents as suggested by foreign authorities. Immigration consultants help applicants to collect all necessary documents and fill out the application form by submitting the right information. Several documents that are mandatory for the process include a passport copy, clear criminal record, medical certificate, and educational and other supporting documents.

Applicants who are more than 18 years old are eligible for the process and have specific backgrounds in their businesses. This process is very important to indicate the financial situation of the applicant and experience in his business. Immigrants must have to consider their budget and financial situation before choosing the right investment option. Governments of foreign countries offer many possible investment procedures, which mainly include investment in the real estate sector of the country and creating job opportunities for residents. It is mandatory for applicants to provide proof of investment for securing their citizenship in their desired country.

Immigration consultants review the complete application procedure before submitting and after careful submission of documents, immigrants can get the citizenship certificate. This certificate acts as evidence of ST Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program. When immigrants receive the citizenship certificate, they can apply for a passport to finalise the process.

Additional information

This specific investment program allows the applicant to invite his family, spouses, children under 30 years old, and parents. The processing time is usually 3 to 4 months, which is dependent on the type of case. If the complexity is greater than that time period, it can be extended; otherwise, the processing time is shorter and more convenient. If an applicant has made an investment in the real estate sector, then he must own the property for more than 5 years, and after completing this time period, investors can have a choice to sell that property to residents of the country.

Immigrants who are interested in having foreign citizenship by investment program in their desired countries must have a proper consultancy of expert immigration consultants who are always well aware of the latest trends and regulations of real estate sectors and government rules that have great effect on investment of opportunities. Consultants can secure citizenship through investment programs for applicants by offering complete guidelines throughout the process.

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