Yak and Yeti: Animals of the Region


Yak and Yeti are some of the most commonly known animals when it comes to the Himalayas. In different mountains in Nepal, China, and India, there have been several cases where people have claimed to have spotted mysterious and mythical creatures like Yeti. Likewise, yak is another animal that is commonly found in the Himalayas. While yak is frequently seen just about anywhere, yeti is one name you will hear a lot but not a figure you will likely spot during your visit. 

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about yak and yeti, animals of the region. So, make sure to read till the end of this article!

Yak in the Himalayas

Yak is one of the most common animals that you will find when you are in the Himalayas. The mountains have a lot of yaks that the people in the Himalayas have been using as their economic as well as homely benefits. Yaks are found only in the cold Himalayan region. Hence, you simply cannot find yak when you are outside of the mountains. Moreover, these animals are mostly found in higher points during your Everest Base Camp Trek, instead of the lower, drier lands. So, snow and yaks have been associated with one another very closely. 

Since yak is found only in the Himalayas, it is also known as the animal of the region. The residents of the Himalayan region use yak for milk, meat, transport, protein, fur, hoof, dung, bone, skin, and tail. While it is common for this species of mammals to be hunted by the people in the mountains, it is just as common for them to raise the animals as their pets. Yaks have been a common source of transport and income for the Sherpas living in the Himalayas. 

Yeti in the Himalayas

Yeti is one of the biggest myths in the world. This mythical creature is also assumed to be a mammal, making it an animal of the Himalayan region, just like the yak. Though there have been many legends of when people spotted yeti back in the older times, there have been many claims of people having seen yeti in real life in the most recent modern times as well. 

In December 1951, an American climber reported to have spotted footprints of what he called an Abominable Snowman. The footprint looked nothing like that of a human being or even a known animal. In fact, there have been many claims from people all around the world who have visited the Himalayas along with the people who are already living there that they or their ancestors have seen or felt the presence of Yeti at a point in their lives. Though the evidence of yeti is still a mystery, there have been assumptions that yeti are the creatures that rise in popularity through children’s folktales and by being mistaken for animals that resembled the footprints of the so-called wild beast in the mountains. 

Where is Yeti in Nepal?

Animals of the region, like yeti, have been said to have been spotted in the Himalayas several times. It is not just one or two people but a lot of different groups of people who have claimed to have seen big footprints that resembles both an animal and a human being. It has always been easy to make an assumption that yeti exists in real life due to these strong pieces of evidence. Plus, ancient scriptures and stories from the Himalayas has always acted like a proof to the fact that yetis are real and that they even befriended human beings at a point in time. 

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